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Backend Development course in bangalore

We at Sunrule DIgital Solutions provide the Best Backend Development Training in Bangalore with short-term duration and practical-based training so you can easily find employment opportunities. Sunrule Digital Solutions offer a Back End Development course in Bangalore that covers Flutter Firebase. In this certificate Back End Development program, students will learn the skills needed to become a Back-end web developer.

Duration 4 Months 

Course Fees : 20000+18%gst
Duration : 2months

Back End Developer Course

What you will learn from Back End Development Course in Bangalore, Marathahalli at Sunrule Digital Solutions

Fast and Secure

Firebase actually reduces the navigation speed, resulting in losing the user traffic.

Crash Reports

Mobile app development using Flutter makes it easier to release mobile applications across stores

Real Time Data Base

This advantage in Firebase will help developers to access app data from any device and create amazing collaboration features.

Manages Services

Firebase is a managed service, you will not have to worry about scaling up or down instances as Firebase will handle it.

Easy to track Users

Firebase allows a very convenient way to track the user’s journey even on different gadgets.

Cloud Messaging

Firebase has a messaging solution that lets you reliably send messages at no cost by cloud messaging feature.


Course outcomes

Our Students works

Backend Development Course
Course Syllabus

  • ¬†STRING
  • ¬†FINAL
  • ¬†LIST
  • ¬†MAP
  • HOME
  • ¬†APP BAR
  • ¬†BODY
  • ¬†CARD
  • ¬†CENTER
  • TEXT
  • ¬†IMAGE
  • ¬†ICON
  • ¬†ALIGN
  • ¬†STACK
  • ¬†CENTER
  • ¬†FORM
  • ¬†DRAWER
  • ¬†ROUTES
  • FIREBASE FETCH DATA¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

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    Backend Development Training in Bangalore

    Sunrule Digital Solutions offers the best Back End Development Course with a 100% Job Guarantee. Students will learn the fundamentals and advanced Back End Development concepts. You will work and understand the essential topics related to Flutter Firebase and much more under industry experts.

    • The Back End Development course begins with the basics of the web – Flutter Firebase and then moves on to the popular Bootstrap framework that creates stunning websites and applications by helping with ease.
    • We will teach how to create functions that are triggered by Back End Development Firebase products, such as changes to data in the Realtime Database, new user sign-ups via Authentication, and conversion events in Analytics.
    Backend Development Course in Bangalore | Backend Development Course in Bangalore

    Backend Development Course in Bangalore

    The goal of the complete module by Sunrule Digital Solutions is to ensure our students can perform as independent Back End Web Developers. Students will work on projects that simulate the real world and become Back End Developers.

    • When searching for a Back End Development course, you want a class that covers Flutter Firebase. Flutter Firebase provides the best back-end server, database, and analytics solution and useful integrations with other Google products. So Sunrule Digital Solutions provide and teach all the basics of the course Flutter Firebase to become a Back End Developer.
    • This Back End Development course will also provide students with a keener insight into hosting a website on a server and basic terminology to communicate with various stakeholders and other Back End Developers.
    Backend Development Course in Bangalore | Backend Development Course in Bangalore
    Backend Development Course in Bangalore | Backend Development Course in Bangalore

    Backend Development Training Institute in Bangalore

    We Sunrule Digital Solutions company teach Back End Development course in Bangalore, Marathahalli, how to master Back End Development, beginning with the basics of Flutter Firebase and then moving up to the more advanced parts of the course. By joining this Institute Back End development training you will grasp the concepts of Flutter Firebase so that you can begin your career as a Back End Developer.

    Training students for interviews and Offer Placements for corporate companies. You will not only gain knowledge of Back End Development Certification and Advance tools but also gain exposure to Industry.

    Backend Development Course in Bangalore | Backend Development Course in Bangalore

    Back End Development Course in Bangalore

    Sunrule Digital Solutions provide Back End Development course in Bangalore is well-equipped with excellent infrastructure to provide you with real-time experience. We also provide a Back-End Development Certification Curriculum. After completing the Back End Development Course in Bangalore, we have successfully trained and placed many of our students in major MNC companies. We provide 100% placement assistance to our students. 

    A new-age web application requires strong Back End Development course in Bangalore to handle millions of requests from users while making them scalable and reliable. This course will deep dive into hands-on aspects of using Flutter Firebase in the backend by exposing you to a lightweight, open-source, cross platform environment.

    It suggests the worker-side advancement of web applications or sites with an essential spotlight on how the site functions. It is responsible for dealing with the information base through questions and APIs through customer-side orders. This sort of site mainly comprises back end development course in Bangalore.


    Full Stack Development Course In Bangalore | Full Stack Development Training In Bangalore
    Backend Development Training Institute in Bangalore

    Back end development course in Bangalore means working on server-side software, which focuses on everything you can’t see on a website. Back-end developers ensure the website performs correctly, focusing on databases, back-end logic, APIs, architecture, and servers. Coding will be used to help browsers communicate with databases, store, understand, and delete data.

    To create the framework of a website or mobile app, a team of back-end engineers works along with front-end developers, product managers, primary architects, and website testers. Back End Development Course in Bangalore involve familiarity with a variety of tools and frameworks, such as Flutter and Firebase. Back End Development make sure the back-end performs quickly and responsively to front-end. The foundation for websites’ ability to process user activities on the front end and produce accurate information is laid by backend web development.


    Why Backend Development?

    Backend developer course in Bangalore by Sunrule Digital Solutions help you with the complete course on Flutter Firebase from basic to advance techniques to grow your skill in backend developer. We are one of the best backend developer course in Bangalore where the backend developer course in Bangalore are in demand in the IT field. The trainers from our organization are one of the experienced trainers who make you one of the best developer before completing the course. You will learn what all comes under Flutter Firebase and working on projects, assignments, and live projects. 


    The backend developer course in Bangalore we will help you with all the requirements for you to learn and to design an application or a website. After completing the projects and assignments given, you will receive a certificate on the Backend developer course in Bangalore. Then you will be prepared for interview process to crack to achieve your job placements. Back-end developers ensure.


    • The website performs correctly
    • Focusing on Databases
    • Back-end logic
    • APIs
    • Architecture
    • Servers
    Coding will help browsers communicate with databases, store, understand, and delete data. So you will work in all this types of requirements to complete the backend developer course in Bangalore, to achieve certificate. By this you can build your resume and will help to build your resume to help you attend the interview in top companies. Where backend developer are high in demand so after succeeding you will be easily taken into any industry based on your skill.

    So this backend developer course in Bangalore by Sunrule Digital solutions is the place where you can master the back end developer.

    What is Backend?

    Backend development refers to server-side development. It focuses on website architecture, programming, and databases. It describes the activities that take place behind the scenes when performing any action on a website. It could be an account login or making an online purchase. Backend developer course write code that allows browsers to interact with database information.

    Backend development full course entails working on server-side software, which focuses on everything that isn’t visible on a website. Backend developer course ensure that the website functions properly by focusing on databases, backend logic, application programming interfaces (APIs), architecture, and servers. They use code to help browsers communicate with databases, store, understand, and delete data.

    Backend developer course work together on a team alongside front-end developers, product managers, primary architects, and website testers to create a website’s or mobile app’s framework. The use of many different technologies and frameworks, including Python backend, Java backend, and Ruby, is required of backend engineers. They make certain that the backend developer course responds fast and effectively to user queries on the front-end.

    Role of Backend Developer

    The ‘backend’ of a website refers to its behind-the-scenes functioning. A website is powered by a mix of technology and programming, and it consists of three pieces that the user never sees: a server, an application, and a database.

    A website is run by the backend full course; although the user cannot see it or interact with it, it is constantly active in the background and provides functionality and a desktop-like experience. In web development teams, Backend developer course are essential because they guarantee that data or services requested by front-end systems or software are supplied.

    A backend development course responsibilities may involve dealing with:


    • Database design, integration, and administration
    • Backend full course frameworks for developing server-side applications
    • Technologies for web servers
    • Integration of cloud computing
    • Languages for server-side programming
    • Computer operating systems
    • Development, deployment, and upkeep of content management systems
    • Integration of APIs
    • Security settings and hacking safeguards
    • Reporting entails creating analytics and data.
    • Technologies for backing up and restoring a website’s files and database

    Difference between Frontend, Backend and Full stack

    In Backend Development full course both the Backend full course and frontend developer course are necessary components for a high functioning website or an application. There are number of tools growing in the market aimed at helping developers to become full stack developer. So in Backend Development full course its easy for non-technicians to assume there isnt a big difference between Backend full course and frontend developer specialists. In Backend Development course, the Backend full course and frontend developer do work in  collaboration to created the systems necessary for an application or website to function properly. However, they have opposite concerns and the term frontend developer refers to the UI, while backend developer course refers to the server, application and database that work behind the scenes to deliver information to the user.

    Frontend develope

    Frontend developer in Backend Development full course is built using combination of technologies such as HTML, JavaScriot and CSS. frontend developer design and construct the user experience elements on the web page or app including buttons, menus, pages, links, graphics and more to become Backend and frontend developer.

    Backend Developer

    Backend Developer in Backend Development full course is built through the server side, which provide data on request and the application that channels it and the database which organizes the information. And the backend development course work on tools like Java, Python or Flutter.

    For example,  the information is stored inside the database that is located on the server once they choose the item they want, add it to their shopping cart, and authorise the payment to become Backend and frontend developer. When a client inquires about the status of their delivery a few days later, the server retrieves the relevant data, updates it with tracking information, and displays it through the front-end.

    Backend using Flutter, Dart and Firebase

    In Backend developer course, Flutter Development to handle your backend requirements to implement and scale fast to approach serverless is a viable solution. So for rapid development using Firebase, Flutter is inevitable. In this Backend developer course by using Flutter and Firebase you will learn to create apps using a serverless approach that can easily scale and fulfill your needs.

    You may use the same codebase to create apps using the Dart language for both iOS and Android. Native code for desktop and mobile devices can be created using Dart programming. Furthermore, unlike React Native, Dart may connect to any platform without the need for a separate bridge thanks to direct compilation.

    Backend developer course first you will go through what all the services are in Firebase. And you will discover how to integrate a Flutter app with Firebase Authentication and Analytics services. Then you will learn how to manage your database and messaging to deliver push notifications to your users from Cloud Firestore. Finally you will examine into writing your serverless functions. By finishing this full stack development course you will be having the skills and knowledge of creating a Fulll stack app using Flutter and Firebase to deliver a scalable and high quality app to your clients.

    Comparison between other Backend Developer and Flutter Backend Develope

    Frontend develope

    Flutter Backend Developer

    • In this flutter backend developer the developer will be working on frontend using Dart language for mobile applications like Android and IOS.
    • Here you will be working only for understanding the full mobile development life cycle.
    • Flutter backend developers write code using the Dart programming language.

    Frontend develope

    Backend Developer

    • In backend developer course there will be different team of frontend and backend working on developing for applications and websites.
    • Here you will be working for understanding both applications and websites.
    • Backend developer like frontend and backend, there will be different coding and programming language using CSS or Java

    Salaries of Backend Developer and Normal Developer

    The average yearly income for backend developers in Bengaluru/Bangalore is 6.6 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.4 Lakhs to 22.2 Lakhs. Based on 151 salaries submitted by Backend Developers, salary estimations have been calculated.

    In India, a backend developer makes an average annual pay of 1,200,000 rupees, or 481 rupees per hour. Most experienced professionals can earn up to 2,441,538 per year, while entry-level roles start at 750,000 annually.

    Based on 10 salaries, an entry-level Backend Developer/ Engineer with less than 1 year of experience can expect to make an average total salary of $383,653 (tips, bonus, and overtime pay included). Based on 71 salaries, the average total salary for an entry-level Backend Developer/Engineer with 1-4 years of experience is $417,345 per year.

    Things require to become a Backend Developer

    There are a few key talents you must master if you want to work as a backend developer since they are in high demand. You already possess the curiosity that drives backend development course if you’ve ever sneaked a peek beneath the hood of your automobile for kicks or gone behind the scenes to see what happens in the spotlight. It depends eventually on learning the necessary backend development course skills, but with a little work and training, you could just be able to harness your inherent curiosity to construct a meaningful job.

    The 9 Skills You Need to Become a Backend Developer

    1. Python backend
    2. Java backend
    3. PHP
    4. SQL
    5. Git
    6. HTML
    7. CSS
    8. JavaScript
    9. Communication

    What is the Java backend?

    Due to its platform independence, Java backend is one of the most popular languages among developers. Any machine may run programmes as long as it has the Java backend Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. A JRE is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and others.

    Since many years ago, Java backend has dominated and been in high demand in the world of programming. Java backend Enterprise apps, online applications, desktop applications, Android applications, and many other types of applications may all be created using the Object-Oriented Programming Language. And the bulk of the top tech firms, like Netflix, Google, Uber, and others, utilise it. Undoubtedly, studying Java backend will be a wise decision for you if you want to succeed in the programming industry

    What is Python Backend?

    Python backend is renowned for its straightforward syntax and compact code size. This makes it quite simple to use, and it’s further helped by the fact that there is a tonne of material and tutorials accessible on how to use it. Additionally, Python backend is incredibly adaptable and well-designed. As if that weren’t enough, Python backend is a platform-independent language, allowing programmes written in it to run without an interpreter on a broad range of operating systems. All of this suggests that programmers might spend a significant portion of the time they typically invest in getting the code to execute or understanding how it works on the more important problems associated with their specific development project.¬†

    In science, Python Backend developer course  is used for both organised and unstructured data since it is a versatile, all-purpose high-level language. We may use the Python backend developer course language family for any application, according to a Python Backend developer course . Python Backend developer course is one of the languages that modern computer systems can use to execute programmes and communicate with one another. Code written in other languages, such as C and JavaScript, interacts with Python backend code to build a full web stack.

    Why to choose Flutter backend over Java/Python?

    In Backend developer course skills you can create applications using the Flutter UI toolkit and SDK. You can utilise Flutter, which is free source, to create extremely effective desktop and mobile applications. Cross-platform development is supported by the Flutter technology. Using the most recent toolkit provided by Google, you can create apps rather effortlessly. Despite being a language that Google officially supports, ‚ÄĆJava backend developer-based Android application development is slowly losing favor. Flutter is now being embraced and adopted by the developer community as the newer and more innovative technology that will be utilised to create cross-platform applications. These apps offer the same performance as native apps and operate quickly and effectively.

    Cross-platform development: A very significant and helpful feature for Backend developer course  skills is the ability to create apps for both the Android and the iOS platforms using a same code base. The main distinction between Java backend developer and Flutter might be this. While Flutter offers and is able to provide a single code base for both Android and IOS, Java backend developer exclusively supports Android development.


    Development speed: In Backend developer course skills when compared to Java backend, developing apps with Flutter can yield greater results faster.


    Resources and documentation: Since Flutter exists and focuses exclusively on mobile development The documentation and resources on the internet, which were only introduced around three years ago, cannot be directly compared to Java backend. Because of this, when using Java backend programming rather than Flutter, you are more likely to locate some useful information online if you have a difficulty, an unexpected bug, or another issue with your software and improve your Backend developer course skills.

    One Code Base, Multiple Platforms:¬†When you use flutter to create apps, you can create apps for both iOS and Android with just one code base. If you utilise Java backend you can only create for the Android platform. Use flutter to create apps for several platforms because‚ÄĆ two is better than one.


    Reduced Cost: You can save your app development costs by up to 50% by using Flutter. Additionally, the time needed to construct the app was significantly cut down. So that you can have the finest app development experience possible, use flutter to increase Backend developer course skills.

    Rise of Flutter Backend Developers and Flutter Apps

    Our mobile gadgets and applications are the centre of our universe. There are already more than six billion subscribers to smartphones worldwide. Additionally, there are about five million mobile applications available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store combined.


    A fresh set of difficulties is being presented to product and development teams in 2022 after the pressures of the epidemic over the previous three years. The job market is cutthroat. Costs are going up. Finances are limited. Consumer expectations are stronger than ever, and engagement is more competitive than ever.


    For Backend Development full course teams aiming to overcome these obstacles and provide consistent digital experiences for many platforms, cross-platform development continues to emerge as a major solution. By doing this Backend full course, teams can come together around a unified framework as opposed to managing platform-specific teams that are prone to losing track of one another. Teams have used cross-platform app development tools like React Native, Flutter, Cordova, and Ionic for years, with React Native enjoying the highest level of popularity until last year.


    Today’s Backend Development full course ecosystem is seeing a tremendous increase in using Flutter in particular. The most popular cross-platform mobile framework for developers is now Flutter, according to JetBrains’ 2021 State of Developer Ecosystem poll. Flutter previously held the title of React Native.


    Flutter has been used to create over 500,000 apps to date, ranging from simple games to production apps created by well-known international businesses. Backend Development full course, Flutter is a go-to option for creating top-notch mobile applications since it offers advantages including a single codebase for several platforms and a welcoming development experience. Now that Flutter has been certified as stable for web, Windows, macOS, and Linux, we believe that web and desktop apps will follow suit. The promise of Flutter is also showing up outside of these platforms on embedded devices. Here’s why, in 2022, Backend Development full course will still be creating top-notch cross-platform app experiences with Flutter.

    Freelancing with Backend Developer Course

    Working as a freelance Backend Developer course is a great experience. We’ll begin by being upfront. It’s a great time to think about a career in backend programming right now more than ever because backend engineers are in high demand and are hot commodities.¬†You may be a beginning Backend developer course looking to investigate freelance options, an experienced backend developer course looking to establish a freelance business, or simply inquisitive.¬†Regardless matter which of these you are, this guide will meet your needs. The fundamentals and best practises for Backend developer course and freelance work for Backend developer course are covered in this tutorial.


    Technical ability: For those taking a full course in web development, this one should be evident. You cannot start working alone until you acquire the necessary competence. If you want to work as a freelance backend development course, you need have a strong grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, front-end frameworks like React and Redux, and back-end programmes like MongoDB and MySQL.


    Meeting deadlines is a freelancer’s first rule. Developers’ reputations suffer when they miss deadlines. And mastering deadline management requires some practise. Once you select a few of your own projects to work on, you will be able to calculate deadlines for a project with accuracy. You will then be aware of your own limitations and working style after taking a Backend Development full course.


    Understanding consumer needs is essential; merely knowing how to code is insufficient. You must be well aware of what the market is looking for to succeed in the Backend Development full course. Fortunately, this process is easy. Simply browsing the freelancing portals is your best choice for having a decent idea of what the industry is seeking for in terms of talents, domain trends, and other things.


    The ability to market oneself: We cannot overstate how crucial it is to have this ability. Customers should be able to see why you are the ideal applicant for the position. Fortunately, there are a tone of resources available to help you create a compelling project pitch and deliver it to a prospective customer. But remember, there can’t just be fuss. It must be backed up by relevant professional experience, the right credentials, and the skills required to finish your project.

    Backend Web Development course in bangalore

    the role of backend web developers has become increasingly critical. Behind every successful website or application, there’s a robust backend infrastructure that handles data management, logic, and functionality. If you’re intrigued by the idea of building the backbone of web development, this blog is your ultimate guide to understanding and embarking on a backend web development course in Bangalore.

    Backend Web Development Course?

    • In-Demand Skillset: As businesses continue to rely on web applications, the demand for skilled backend developers is soaring. By enrolling in a backend web development course in bangalore, you’ll acquire highly sought-after skills that open up numerous job opportunities in the tech industry.
    • Versatility and Collaboration: Backend web development is at the core of web applications, making it a versatile skillset. With expertise in backend development, you’ll collaborate with frontend developers, database administrators, and other professionals to create seamless, feature-rich web experiences.
    • Continuous Learning and Growth: web development is ever-evolving, backend developers trainers stay updated with the latest technologies and trends. A comprehensive course will equip you with a solid foundation while fostering a mindset of continuous learning and growth.


    Sunrule digital solutions, a reliable firm for all types of Android apps, provided us with an Android app. We chose Sunrule because of their responsiveness and trustworthiness.
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    Delivered amazing content. and on time!! They develop all kind of mobile applications with flutter as their app development software

    The way they understand and deliver the client requirements is on the top of service. I would definitely recommend sunrule digital solution