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Ui Ux Design course In bangalore

We at Sunrule Digital Solutions provide the Best Ui Ux Design training In bangalore with short-term duration and practical-based training so you can easily find employment opportunities. Sunrule Digital Solutions offer a Ui Ux Design training In bangalore  Students will learn the skills needed to become a Ui ux designer.


Best Ui Ux Design course training In Bangalore, Marathahalli

What you will learn from Best Ui Ux Design course In Bangalore, Marathahalli at Sunrule Digital Solutions


Design strategy






Key Features

Course outcomes

Best Ui Ux Design course training In Bangalor
Course Syllabus

Initiation into Design

  • UX & UI (process and skills)
  • Superpowers of UXer
  • Affordance, signifiers and metaphors
  • Cognitive biases
  • Product strategy and revenue models

B2B vs B2C apps

  • Beginning of the quest
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Design strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Quantitative survey
  • Documentation
  • Figuring out who


  • Goals & frustration
  • Motivation mapping
  • Cognitive biases
  • Personality types
  • Empathy map
  • Figuring out what
  • Introduction to journey map
  • Mapping touchpoints & channels

Solving for pain points

  • Exploring business opportunities
  • Aha moments
  • Laying out the plan
  • How to nudge
  • Cognitive load, mental model & decision making
  • Navigation & hierarchy creation
  • Card sorting & user flow
  • IA creation

Honing the tools

  • Platform guidelines
  • User interface basics
  • CRUD functions
  • Wireframing
  • Formative usability testing
  • Complete guide to Figma
  • How to use Figma on web & desktop


Understanding components and variants

  • Learning responsive design
  • Creating stylesheet for Hand-Off
  • Prototyping
  • iOS and Review
  • Understanding HIG
  • Understanding interface

Various Sections of iOS

  • Creating wireframes with iOS guidelines
  • Using the UI kit
  • Colour theory and Typography
  • Understanding the usage of colours on UI
  • Typography
  • Resources for colours and typography
  • Finding inspirations for iOS screens
  • Setting a visual design strategy

Prototyping & Practice!

  • Converting the wireframes into visual design
  • Interactions and micro-interactions
  • Assets and style guides
  • Sharing for development overview
  • Android & Review
  • Introduction to material design
  • Understanding various sections of a screen
  • Sharing for development overview
  • Reviewing the entire progress

Website & Review

  • Static and dynamic
  • Responsive and adaptive
  • Making a responsive website
  • Final review of all the designs
  • Working on the Portfolio
  • UX case study
  • iOS presentation

Working on the Portfolio

  • Android presentation
  • Website presentation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Freelancing session
  • Certification


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    Best Ui Ux Design course In Bangalor

    Sunrule Digital Solutions provide an UI UX design course in Bangalore. Learn Ui and Ux courses beginner to expert level. UI/UX are Two important components of web design are (UI,UX). They affect the overall appearance and operation of a website and how a user interacts with it.
    A website that has excellent UI and UX is simple to use and appealing, whereas one that doesn’t can be irritating and perplexing. It’s crucial to educate yourself on UI/UX design if you want to build fantastic websites. The top UI UX design course in Bangalore is provided by sunrule digital solutions, enhancing your understanding and giving you the abilities to develop a website that users would enjoy.


    Best Ui Ux Design course In Bangalore

    It is a style of design that puts an emphasis on how a user interacts, feels, and sees an interface. Creating a user-friendly, intuitive, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing experience is part of the process. Users of the product or service and themselves engage in a two-way conversation during this process. Knowing the needs of your target audience is the first step in creating an appealing interface. From there, you may devise a plan that will enable them to communicate effectively. In order to provide a better business relationship and increase client satisfaction, it is crucial. The importance of creating a decent user interface has increased as a result of advancements in computer hardware and software.


    Best Ui Ux Design course In Bangalor

    Companies can utilise our UI UX training in Bangalore with Java as a wonderful tool to design user interfaces that work well for their software products.
    More individuals now utilise portable electronics like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. UI requirements are altering as a result of this rise in usage. By learning about the most efficient methodologies, ideas, and strategies used in application design, this UI UX Training in Bangalore equips participants with the knowledge required to create useful interfaces.


    What are the main difficulties of working in a group for UI Design?

    The acronym UI refers to user interface. The user interface is important to fulfil user expectations and support your site’s useful functions. You should be careful to create a UI for your site that is aesthetically pleasing. Through clear design, contrasting graphics, and responsiveness, a great user interface helps users and apps connect effectively. It aids in raising your site’s conversion rates.


    Describe UX design.

    UX is an acronym for user experience. The process that design teams use to create products that offer customers relevant and meaningful experiences is known as user experience design. It covers every step of getting and using a product, including design, branding components, usability, and functionality. Any website can be successful if users have a good experience.

    Why you Should learn UI UX Design?

    The following are some benefits of learning UI/UX: Gain customer adherence and loyalty- A satisfying user experience promotes customer acquisition and retention. Your ability to quickly win over clients’ trust depends on how attractive your offering is. It leads to increased client loyalty and acquisition.


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