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Lumion Training Course in Bangalore

Lumion Training Course in Bangalore , Marathahalli

What you will learn from Back End Development Course in Bangalore, Marathahalli at Sunrule Digital Solutions

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Modify Objects

Animating Objects




Key Features

Course outcomes

Lumion Training Course in Bangalore
Course Syllabus

Our Lumion training course’s curriculum was created by the most knowledgeable and qualified professionals in the field. Introduction to Lumion, importing 3D models, building camera paths, animation, and walkthroughs, and assigning materials to the 3D models are the main topics of our training programme. To learn more about our Lumion training in Bangalore


LUMION Software Training Course Content

  • Starting a project – Project Setup, Screen Layout
  • Controlling the Camera
  • Modeling Environment and Modifying Terrain
  • Adding a Water Plane and/or Ocean
  • Importing – Updating Models with Geometry
  • Placing Content from the Library

Using Layers

  • Assigning and Modifying Materials
  • Saving Material Sets
  • Advanced Materials (Glass, Waterfalls, SelfIlluminaon, Glows)
  • Environment Settings
Setting Sun Direcon and Height
  • Cloud Setting
  • Adding / Modifying Light Fixture
  • Creating Sll Images
  • Creating Animations
  • Animating Objects
Camera Presets
  • Creating a camera Pan
  • Working with Filters
  • Adding Special Effects to Individual clips and enre movies
  • Using Theater Mode Export and Rendering Opons
  • Rendering the final output as a movie file

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    Lumion Training Course in Bangalore

    For architects, city planners, and creators, Lumion3D preparation is an excellent real-time 3D engineering representation application. Lumion3D preparation is also an awesome real-time 3D architectural visualisation tool. It is particularly fantastic for folks who want to add useful 3D perception to their SketchUp projects. The top training facility in India for Lumion 3D. When compared to other organisations, sunrule digital solutions has the best preparation technique. For interior designers and architects, Lumion 3D preparation in 3D is an incredibly useful tool for creating a flawlessly executed tour. This is also another well-liked curriculum, similar to animation classes.


    lumion classes in bangalore

    For teaching Lumion courses, Sunrule Digital Solutions is regarded as the top Autocad training facility in Bangalore. The greatest professionals in the industry deliver the lectures for Lumion 3D. Sunrule Digital Solutions and the top Lumion 3D institute in Bangalore. Additionally, compared to other colleges, sunrule digital solutions has the greatest teaching methodology. For creating beautifully executed walkthroughs, interior designers and architects can use the incredibly sophisticated application Lumion 3D. With this tool

    we can create a 3D animated tutorial quickly. Aside from that, you may easily import your 3D models into Lumion 3D. In addition, sunrule digital solutions provides the best frameworks for supporting this product because it requires a specially developed framework and heavy programming. We are located in Bangalore’s prime area, which makes it easy to get there from other areas.


    Lumion Course in Bangalore

    To produce 3D graphics and video presentations, architects might utilise the visualisation software Lumion. Designing software like Lumion is simple to learn. Using this software, a designer or engineer can quickly construct a scene or a 3D environment. CAD (computer-aided design) is the foundation of Lumion, which quickly transforms 3D CAD blueprints into stunning graphical designs. This designing software has a lot of potential in the market.

    Many international corporations and well-known brands are looking for employees with Lumion experience in order to offer a variety of career options. Therefore, you must enrol in a professional training programme for this software if you want to become one of those experienced designers who possess high-quality designing abilities and expertise.


    Lumion Course in Bangalore

    the best Lumion Course training facility. We provide both students and working professionals in Bangalore with professional training in Lumion. When compared to students who took the identical Lumion course at another institute, those who took the Lumion training course at our institute know much more about it. This is primarily due to our extensive practical training.

    At Sunrule Digital Solutions in Bangalore, we give our students hands-on experience with live projects and real-world exposure so they can learn how to handle problems that may come up when creating various designs using Lumion. In giving Lumion training in Indore, our institute shines.



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