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SketchUp Course Training in bangalore

SketchUp course in Bangalore, Marathahalli

What you will learn from SketchUp course in Bangalore, Marathahalli at Sunrule Digital Solutions


User Interface

Drawing Objects

Modify Objects




SketchUp works

Key Features

Course outcomes

SketchUp course training in Bangalore
Course Syllabus
  • Essential & Important SketchUp Tools
  • User interface
  • Zoom, Orbit, Pan, Undo, Redo
  • (Top, Front, Iso, Parallel projection & Perspective etc.)
  • Locking axes using arrow keys
  • Drawing Objects
  • Line, Rectangle, Circle,
  • Polygon,
  • Rotated Rectangle, Arc, Pie, Freehand

3D Text

  • Modify Objects
  • Push Pull
  • Move, Rotate, Scale
  • Offset, Erase
  • Exploring Object Sources
  • 3D Warehouse
  • Presentation
  • Bucket tool
  • Apply materials


  • Using Shortcuts
  • User interface
  • Style toolbar (X-ray, Back
  • Edges, Hidden Lines etc)
  • Guideline with Tape
  • Measure and Protector

Drawing Objects

  • Draw with Accuracy
  • Keyboard shortcuts with
  • Additional key functions
  • Use measurement toolbar
  • Use construction tool set
  • Dimension & Text Labels
  • Create and use Groups
  • Create and use Component

Use Array

  • Use Follow me tool
  • Use Solid Tools
  • Use Sandbox Tools
  • Use Match Photo
  • Organizing Objects
  • Use Layers
  • Use Outliner Tray
  • Hide & Un-hide
  • Presentation
  • Positioning texture
  • Use Camera Toolbar: FOV,
  • Position Camera, Look Around, Walk
  • Use Shadow Tray
  • Use Style Tray
  • Use Fog Tray

Section Plane

  • Use Scenes
  • Advance Camera tools
  • Animation Settings
  • Import and Export
  • Importing AutoCAD file
  • Exporting Animation and Image

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    SketchUp course Training in Bangalore

    Sunrule Digital Solutions offering Google SketchUp classes. The majority of self-taught Google SketchUp users don’t spend the time learning these 5 essential fundamentals before getting started. With the aid of the programme Google SketchUp, you can make 3D models of anything you want.

    Your living space needs a makeover. Create a brand-new item of furniture. Make Google Earth a replica of your city. Create a skate park in your city, export the animation, and upload it on YouTube. The possibilities for what you can make with Google SketchUp are endless.


    SketchUp classes in Bangalore

    Google SketchUp training is offered at Sunrule Digital Solutions in Bangalore. You can get the models you require or create them from scratch. On the Google 3D Warehouse, people from all over the world share the things they have created. It is a free model repository with a sizable searchable database.

    Greetings from Googlesketchup! A fantastic beginner/intermediate construction is available today. Here at Sunrule DigitalSolutions is a good place to start if you’ve never used Google Sketchup before. Because of its low cost and very flat learning curve, GoogleSketchUp has become the modelling application of choice in many different industries. This Google Sketchup course is intended for new users who want to get started with the programme quickly.


    SketchUp course Training Institute in Bangalore

    Google SketchUp Classes in Bangalore by Sunrule Digital Solutions. Early introduction of the most used features enables you to use it rapidly for your intended purposes. Later versions of several tools are used to display more advanced options. By the time you’re done, you’ll have encountered the majority of the tools, one or two configurations for each, and various methods for approaching modeling issues. Then you’ll be directed to a website where you can post your ever-more-complex queries.

    You could be asking yourself why you should attend Google Sketchup lessons when there is so much information available that, while excellent, is not organized. You can’t ask or find anything if you don’t know what the software’s capabilities are.


    SketchUp full course in Bangalore

    This course guides you step-by-step through Google SketchUp. Its goal is to introduce you to all of its potential. In order to achieve this, tools and functions are briefly explained within their respective class session before being used in detailed examples.

    Classes for Google SketchUp Marathalli in Bangalore covers topics that are specifically relevant to interior designers and interior architects, such as how to model interior spaces, examine scale and proportion, put ideas to the test, present solutions, plan spaces, and create floor plans, elevations, and sections for architectural projects. There are also instances where Google SketchUp is used in conjunction with other applications and hand-rendering tools to provide the greatest utility and versatility.


    google Sketchup classes Training Institute in Bangalore

    No prior experience with other drafting software is necessary. It is expected that the reader is familiar with the fundamentals of architectural drawing, including what floor plans, interior elevations, perspective, and isometric and section views are. This GoogleSketchUp tutorial demonstrates how to make those drawings using GoogleSketchUp.

    GoogleSketchUp was created as a user-friendly substitute for the sophisticated modelling software that is frequently used in the architecture industry, which was its original user base. Its previous owner, Google, made it available for free to everyone, which greatly increased its appeal outside of the architect user base. Today, it is also used by interior designers, game developers, filmmakers, woodworkers, catalogue illustrators, package designers, landscapers, and many other professionals..



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